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Spicy Perfumes

Good read by Catherin Helbig Beauty Expert in About.com Style:

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what these perfumes smell like. Raiding the spice rack for fragrance notes such as cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper, spicy fragrances are alluring in old-fashioned ways.

Coco Perfume for Women by Chanel

Launched in 1984, at a time when in-your-face orientals such as Calvin Klein’s Obsession ruled the fragrance aisles, Coco won an instant following for its sophisticated, spicy scent. Chanel’s complex cocktail of spices and florals is a brilliant blend of sweet and savory notes, including rose, coriander, orange blossom and cloves, over a deeper, mysterious base of woods and vanilla. Wear it with your favorite little black dress, or to lunch with that handsome officemate who you wouldn’t mind sharing breakfast pastries with.

Jo Malone Vetyver Perfume

Vetyver Cologne by Jo Malone

Here’s a great example of a successful unisex perfume. Jo Malone designed Vetyver to be worn by women and men, and its clean, warm fragrance truly does have universal appeal. Spicy-fresh and green, with top notes of tarragon and nutmeg, the scent is reminiscent of both the outdoors and hot, fresh towels. Call it a day trip to the spa in a bottle.

Cinnabar Perfume

Cinnabar Perfume for Women Estee Lauder

Spice up your next evening out with this decadent designer perfume. Cinnabar opens in a warm rush of incense and spices, and deepens into a rich, almost over-ripe floral scent. Sensual and not for the faint of heart, this fragrance is also immensely long-lasting – expect it to go dawn-to-dusk. Mist your hair lightly for day with the eau de parfum, and leave a gorgeous trail. For evening, dab the perfume directly onto pulse points – remembering that a little goes a long way.

Source: About.com Style

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Oriental Perfumes

Good read by Catherin Helbig, Beauty Expert in About.com Style:

Here, we list the best oriental perfumes on the fragrance market today.

Think of oriental perfumes as the fragrance equivalent of cleavage and a killer pair of stilettos. Exotic and distinctly feminine, these sensual blends feature an earthy, animalistic base scent such as musk or ambergris, often combined with warm top notes such as amber or vanilla. When combined with florals, these scents are called “florientals”.

Poison Perfume by Christian Dior

Poison Perfume for Women by Christian Dior

Inside a vicious-looking bottle that resembles a poisoned fruit straight out of a fairy tale, comes Dior’s storied elixir of seduction. A fragrance legend since it launched in the mid-1980s, this astoundingly sexy scent features a unique blend of spicy, fruity and woody notes. The effect is a bold, frankly sexual perfume that makes a big entrance, tosses back a few martinis, and leaves with phone numbers in her pocket.

Opium Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

Opium Perfume for Women by Yves Saint Laurent

Opium has enslaved many a woman with its hypnotic charms. Its alluring oriental cocktail of fragrance notes includes peppery plum, carnation, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, incense, musk and myrrh. Exotic and seductive, this complex and expensive-smelling scent is ideally suited for night time and romance.

Black Pearls Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Black Pearls Perfume for Women by Elizabeth Taylor

Just like its namesake, this perfume is mature and boasts amazing longevity – dab on a drop at daybreak and expect the scent to linger into the late afternoon and evening. It opens with a dramatic bouquet of flowers and spices, deepening with wear into a smooth, rich amber-and-sandalwood accord. Cozy and warmly feminine, as opposed to blatantly sexy, it’s a great pick for a mellow evening curled on the couch with your special someone.

Organza Perfume by Givenchy

Organza Perfume for Women by Givenchy

Organza is a fresh and spicy fragrance that is a textbook example of a perfectly-blended floriental. A heart of white florals is complemented by mossy woods undertones and a nutmeg, cedarwood and vanilla base. The overall effect is luxurious and very sensual. Wear this one when you want to beguile and seduce, whether it’s a third date or just a rare night out without the kids.

Source: About.com Style

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Oceanic Perfumes

Good read by Catherin Helbig, Beauty Expert in About.com Style:

Fragrances in the Oceanic Category

Oceanic perfumes are a modern invention. These scents use a blend of synthetic compounds to evoke natural aromas such as mountain air, ocean spray, or clean linen.

L’Eau par Kenzo by Kenzo for Women

This fresh and cheerful fragrance is like a pair of perfect-fitting jeans. That is, it goes with everything you own, and you’ll smile every time you put it on. Top notes of reed stems and wild mint mingle with freshwater florals and peach, creating a scent that’s bright, feminine and clean. Wear it with confidence from the office to brunch with your friends.

Giorgio Beverly Hills Ocean Dream for Women

Giorgio’s Ocean Dream is a feminine take on the oceanic category. Evoking romance at the beach, with its blend of water plants and floral notes over a warm base of vanilla and musk, this is a sensual and feminine perfume that’s great for a daytime.  Refreshing and youthfully sweet, this oceanic-floral combines top notes of ozone and water lily with tropical fruits and berries. The effect is sparkling and young. The water-drop shaped bottle is pretty, too.

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden for Women

While sunflowers could be classified as a fruity-floral, its signature watery scent makes it an oceanic as well. Bright and happy, this is a fabulous mood-boosting fragrance to spritz on first thing in the morning.

Source: About.com Style

The Top Selling Green Perfumes on the Market

Good read by Beauty Expert Catherine Helbig in About.com Style:

Top-Selling Perfumes in the Green Category of Fragrances

Smelling of fresh leaves and newly-mown grass, the green fragrances are a natural and energetic group. These scents are well-suited for daytime, when their sporty, modern appeal makes them a great fit for any casual or outdoor gathering.

No. 19 Perfume for Women by Chanel

First launched in 1971, No. 19 derives its name from Coco Chanel’s birthday. Sold exclusively through Chanel since its reincarnation in 2000, this fragrance is boldly unique, right down to its signature greenish tint. It successfully blends green and floral notes over a base of moss and woods, evoking a rain-soaked forest. Not girlish or obvious in the least, this is a chic, grown-up scent for a woman who is confident in her femininity.

Miss Dior Perfume for Women by Dior

Miss Dior was the first scent from the legendary designer Christian Dior, and its timeless appeal has made it a top-seller for six decades. A visionary in fragrance as well as fashion, Dior’s take on what his elegant clients wanted to smell like was stunningly modern. The perfume opens with crisp green sage, with floral notes and a sexy base of leather and patchouli adding complexity. You could wear this to cheer on your favourite local sports team, and to the bar afterward to flirt with the players.

mark Earth by Avon

Fresh and somewhat unisex in its appeal, this perfume from Avon’s popular beauty brand aimed at younger consumers was created “with the global goddess in mind.” We’re not sure what that means, but we’d buy it anyway for its pleasant, dewy blend of green leaves and bark. This is a nice fragrance for those of any age who prefer fresh – rather than fruity or floral – scents.

Safari Perfume for Women by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was inspired to create the warm and feminine Safari by his travels to the African plains. Its pervasive mossy-green aroma is warmed by rich vanilla and floral notes, giving it a girl-next-door-lets-her-hair-down charm. Wear this one to give your golf instructor ideas.

Sung Alfred Sung

Another green-floral blend, Alfred Sung’s classic perfume for women evokes the scents of a wedding bouquet. Bright green notes combine with fresh white flowers, with a vanilla-woods base supplying warmth and depth. Very feminine and beautifully balanced in its composition, it’s elegant for the office, or for wearing to brunch with your girlfriends.

Source: About.com Style

5 Best Fruity Perfumes: A Collection of Favorite Fragrances in the Fruity Category

Good article from About.com Style by Beauty Expert Catherin Helbig:

Fruity scents please the nose with the bright and familiar smells of apple, peach, berry, mango and other juicy fruits. They are often blended with florals.

Apple Splash by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs designed his Splash collection of limited-edition scents to appeal to the palate, as much as the nose. His Apple Splash is a yummy green apple concoction that’s almost unisex in its appeal. Apple  zest and citrus notes blend with herbs and spices, creating an aromatic and energetic scent.

Liz Claiborne Perfume for Women by Liz Claiborne

This elegant signature scent from the design house of Liz Claiborne is a classic fruity-floral. Top notes of peach and pineapple mingle with bergamot, lily and rose over a woodsy base, to create a fresh and feminine fragrance. Wear this refined scent to a job interview, or with your favorite little black dress.

Harajuku Lovers Lil’ Angel Perfume for Women by Harajuku Lovers

Leave it to rock icon Gwen Stefani to bring a quirky sex appeal to the fruity perfume category. Lil’ Angel features a delicious blend of raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and sweet pineapple, layered over a warm  and sensual amber base. Sweet and a little offbeat, this is a playful perfume that casts a flirtatious spell. The Harajuku doll bottle will look adorable on your vanity, too.

Ralph Wild Perfume for Women by Ralph Lauren

Meant to inspire a feeling of freedom, Ralph Wild evokes the sensuality of summertime. Juicy red fruit notes of wild strawberry and watermelon mix with cherry blossom and rose, creating a scrumptious aroma that gets sexier the longer you wear it, thanks to base notes of musk and sandalwood. It’s a great perfume to wear on a movie-and-dinner first date.

Very Sexy Now Perfume for Women by Victoria’s Secret

Very Sexy Now is a fruity-floral perfume that delivers on its name. A sexy cocktail of tropical fruits, flowers, spices and vanilla, this is a sensual and inviting fragrance that’s ideally suited for summertime wear. Just apply sparingly – a little goes a long way.

Source: About.com Style http://beauty.about.com/od/fragranc1/tp/best-fruity-perfumes.htm

Review of Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain

Review by Beauty Expert Catherin Helbig in About.com Style:

With a name that literally means “temple of love” in Sanskrit, Shalimar is the amber-oriental perfume that spawned a host of successful imitators. Here’s our review of this iconic fragrance.

Guerlain’s fragrance takes its name from the Indian Gardens of Shalimar, where emperor Shah Jahan met the woman who inspired him to build the Taj Mahal. A runaway success since its birth in 1925, Shalimar’s irresistable blend of fragrance notes has given it pride of place on the vanities of glamorpusses from Rita Hayworth to Kate Moss.

What It Smells Like

Shalimar’s recognizable scent has captivated women and their admirers for almost a century now. The iconic love potion was created by blending lemony top notes and fragrant florals over a rich base of vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. The result is an exotic scent cocktail that deepens into a powerfully sensual weapon, over hours of wear.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Based on a heady dose of amber, vanilla, patchouli and musk, Shalimar is the original amber-oriental perfume that spawned a flock of imitators. In the 1980s, Calvin Klein based his Obsession Perfume on a similar vanilla-patchouli base with a citrus top. But perhaps the most direct homage to Shalimar – and a wildly successful scent in its own right – is Thierry Mugler’s Angel Perfume, which adds mouth-watering notes of honey, chocolate and caramel to the vanilla-patchouli-sandalwood accord.

The Legend Gets a Face-Lift

One might assume that a fragrance that’s still selling after 85 years needs no improvement, but sometimes a little nip and tuck is in order.

In 2010, to celebrate Shalimar’s 85th anniversary, Guerlain partnered with Jade Jagger (a jewelry designer, and herself the daughter of two icons, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and fashion icon Bianca Jagger) to create a new bottle for Shalimar Eau de Parfum. The new bottle is curvy and sensual, with a gem-like stopper befitting this exotic jewel of a perfume.

Where and When to Wear It

Wear Shalimar when you want to bring out your inner sexpot – but save it for evening wear, if you want to play it safe. With its take-no-prisoners-sexy aroma and rich, full-bodied base notes, this perfume can smell overpowering for day, particularly in the warmer months.

Source: About.com Style