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Does Malaysia Airlines instill confidence in its handling of MH370 incident?

It is very easy for people to blame on Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia Government in the wake of the missing flight MH370. As if it is not enough that the families and relatives of the 160 Chinese onboard the airlines are blaming Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia, now we suddenly have a country full of “armchair reporters” and “crisis experts” adding salt to the wound, thanks to internet, Wikipedia and Google.

As much as I would like to take an objective and neutral view on this situation, I am also patriotic for Malaysia is my country, and I am confident that Malaysia Airlines and the Government is doing its best to get to the bottom of the crisis. After reading this, I now have increased confidence in Malaysia Airlines.

I hope the article below, published by the Vulcan Post help you see where I am coming from:

Does Malaysia Airlines instill confidence in its handling of MH370 incident?


When tragedy strikes, like it has with the disappearance of flight MH370, the company at the centre of it all comes under intense scrutiny. It must demonstrate that it knows what it is doing and has a difficult situation under control – or lose the confidence of the public and all other stakeholders.

If it loses control of the situation it will plunge itself into a deeper crisis as all the frustration and anger of missing loved ones come to bear full force on it.

Fortunately for the families and loved ones of MH370, however, Malaysia Airlines has so far has demonstrated its professionalism in handling this crisis-like situation. Their burden remains heavy, but they can at least take comfort that CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and his team know what they are doing.

How can you tell if they are doing a good job?  There are several tell tale signs.

The first is that Ahmad and Malaysia Airlines’ willingness to share information. Perhaps a bit slow off the block Ahmad nevertheless addressed the issue in a Press Conference yesterday where he expressed sympathy for the friends and families of the victims, told the public what they did and did not know yet, and what they are doing. This is the Triple R of crisis communications – Regret, Reason and Remedy.

The other indication of what sort of a company Malaysia Airlines is when it comes to crisis management can be seen very evidently  from how it manages its digital assets because in this age of the super-connected public, they are the first points of contact for most people around the world who are interested in the developments of the search and rescue and recovery of MH370 and its passengers and crew. The digital assets are primarily its website, as well as its social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Companies trained in crisis management usually have a Dark Site prepared for incidents such as MH370. A Dark Site is a “dormant” website that is stripped of all promotion materials and designed to provide information and updates about the incident. It is activated only during crisis-like situations.

If you go to the Malaysian Airlines website you will see that they have stripped their website of all promotional materials, with a prominent “pointer” to the Dark Site.


Click on that and you go directly to the Dark Site where you get the latest information that the company has on the incident.


But Malaysian Airlines does not stop there. Go to their Facebook page and you will see the same messages being posted to amplify their message on the website. The Facebook page is also stripped of all colour and the airlines logo is grey together with a grey background, to prevent any inadvertent visuals that may not be appropriate for the mood.


This same treatment is also applied to its Twitter account which is also used to amplify the message on its website.


Such coordination and activation within hours of the incident suggests a company that takes crisis management seriously and has drilled its employees to be able to carry out such tasks under the pressure of public scrutiny. It should give confidence to the public that Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and his Core Crisis Management Team at Malaysia Airlines are competent, professional and know what they are doing.

In difficult times like this, such professionalism should be a source of comfort for aggrieved families and friends of the passengers of MH370.

The article is originally written by Ong Hock Chuan, and was published by Vulcan Post.


A Day in the The Rat Race

[6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.] It’s time to wake up and get out of my comfortable bed, and perform Subuh prayer after I wash my face and brush my teeth. For my skincare regime, I vouch for L’Occitane, because this French range of skincare products is fully organic and very gentle on my sensitive skin. After Subuh prayer, I shower and get dressed for work.

[7.30 a.m. – 8.00 a.m.] I head to the kitchen to begin making the coffee, and have breakfast with my mother, and sometimes my brother and sister in law. Typical breakfast is whole meal toast with butter and orange marmalade, and eggs, either half-boiled, scrambled, or omelets. Sometimes, I have Tuna Cheese Melt or plain Tuna Sandwiches. Sometimes, we have the Malaysian favorites like Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon and Roti Canai.

[8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.] My challenge every morning as I leave the house to go to the office is coming out to the main road Jalan Hulu Kelang which a stone’s throw away from my house. Traffic is horrendous sometimes. However, complaining and honking doesn’t improve the traffic situation. Listening to Bernama Radio for news and be entertained by the hilarious duo, Lil Kev and Fly Guy on Red FM, is what makes driving to work a breeze.

[8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.] I usually arrive at the office before the official work hours begin at 8.30 a.m. I spend the first half hour of the day reviewing my plans for the day, my daily checklist and checking my e-mail inbox. Then, I began my tasks one at a time and keep reviewing my checklist every time I finish a task. 80% of my job involves writing and editing other people’s writing. The rest of the hours I attend meetings and discussions.

[1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.] It is time for my lunch break. During this precious hour, I have lunch with my work colleagues or with friends working nearby or take a power nap. I do my best to get away from my desk to get a breath of fresh air and perspective. Then, I perform Zohor prayers before resuming work.

[2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.] If there are no afternoon meetings, I spend the second half of the day completing whatever assignments that needs to be done by end of the day. I am not Wonder Woman, so whatever is not urgent or important, and can wait, I will keep it for tomorrow.

[5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.] Before wrapping up for the day, I spend 15 minutes planning for tomorrow. Then, I start packing up my things and head towards the Surau to perform my Asar prayers. Right after my prayers I would start driving home. Prayer keeps me calm in heavy traffic. Driving home usually takes longer time than coming to work. I wade through heavy traffic on Jalan Jelatek and Jalan Ampang, before cutting through RISDA or Suzi’s Corner to beat traffic and reach home.

[6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.] I reach home, take a shower and eat a light dinner with my mother, and sometimes my brother and sister in law if they are home. I do my best to eat a low calories, low carbo, low fat and low sugar diet. It is extremely challenging when it comes to my mother’s cooking. She loves to cook Malay cuisines which are drenched in oil and fat. So I fix myself a lean sandwich and salad sometimes.

[7:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.] After performing Maghrib prayers, I watch a recording of the popular Malay drama, Adam & Hawa with my mother before she goes to her grocery shop for accounts closing. I sometimes help her at the grocery shop on weekends.

[8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.] I pick up a book and read some pages. I am now reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. The novel is a nostalgic story of loss and sexuality. The story’s protagonist and narrator is Toru Watanabe, who looks back on his days as a college student living in Tokyo. Through Toru’s reminiscences we see him develop relationships with two very different women — the beautiful yet emotionally troubled Naoko, and the outgoing, lively Midori. Next, I do one writing assignment from Judy Reeves’ A Writer’s Book of Days, and blogging or thinking aloud on the social media. One of my dreams is to write books that inspire and make positive difference for people who read them. One day, I will write a book. After exercising my literary muscles, I perform Isya’ prayer and watch the news.

[9:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.] My love affair with Korean dramas is somewhat addictive. At 9:30 p.m. I follow the turbulent life of Jang Ok Jung one of the most famous royal concubines in the Joseon Dynasty, who began her career as a court lady who stitched clothing as a fashion designer of her time. At 10:30 p.m., I watch You’re Still the One. This drama is about Soon-young who divorces her husband Han-joon legally due to his business troubles, but they carry on having a happy married life. But the “fake divorce” turns real when Han-joon’s old flame Chae-rin comes back and offers him her financial assistance in exchange for choosing her. In order to get her husband back, Soon-young tries to make Han-joon jealous by dating his rival Woo-jin. But Soon-young and Woo-jin begin to develop feelings for each other.

[11:30 p.m. – Midnight] Before going to bed, I get my work clothes, shoes and bags for tomorrow laid out. Next, I wash my face, brush my teeth and wash my feet. Then, I talk to my fiancé on the phone. After whispering sweet nothings and wishing each other goodnight, I tuck myself and my cats, Ashley, Mocha and Manja into bed. I meditate or daydream until I fall sleep. Bliss!

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening


Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost, New Hampshire: A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes
(New York: Henry Holt and Co., 1923), p. 87. D-11 0397 Fisher Library.

Happy Wesak Day

Here’s wishing all Buddhists around the world a Happy Wesak Day!

happy wesak day 2012


Happy Mothers Day to all mothers wherever you are in the whole wide world! I’m very fortunate I still have my mother, and no matter how much we disagree on things, I still love her the same

Orang kata, mujo emak masih ada…! I’m fortunate that my mother is alive and doing well, living her life to the fullest.



On that note, I want to share a simple but sweet story by a fellow blogger, Pok Ku that I came across on the concept of “mujo”…

Mujo or mujur in Standard Malay language means “fortunate” or “lucky”.

In Terengganu it means more than that. Mujo is an attitude, a testament to the optimism of the Terengganu folks. I believe that Terengganunese are optimistic. I haven’t heard of any suicides there yet. No news whatsoever of people jumping down from coconut trees or drinking expired budu (preserved anchovy thick sauce) neat in order to expire themselves.

You must remember that Terengganu people lived with ferries, morning papers that came in the night and other things people in the West Coast take for granted. In spite of doing without 4D shops, discos, malls or Hot Spot-enabled coffee houses, they are surviving well without any mental hospital in sight. All because they have mujo.

Like I mentioned previously, mujo encapsulate a philosophy in itself. It means one should thank God that it is not worse. Time for an illustration.

Cut to a scene of 3 village ladies in their kemban washing clothes by the village well:

Mok Long Selamoh: Guane doh adik mung Mek? (How is your brother Mek?)

Mok Teh Som : Bakpe pulok adik dia? (What happened to her brother?)

Mok Long Selamoh: Laaa! Mung dok tau ke Som? (You don’t know Som?)

Mok Teh Som : Dok tau setarang kita. (I don’t know anything)

Mok Long Selamoh: Adik Mek ni kena langgor lori kemareng. (Mek’s brother was knocked down by a lorry yesterday)

Mek Beso : Bukang lori Mok Long, beng ikang! (It wasn’t a lorry Mok Long, it was a fish van)

Mok Long Selamoh: Mujo bukang lori! (Lucky it wasn’t a lorry)

Mok Teh Som : Pah tu? Terok ke? (Then? Was he seriously injured?)

Mek Beso : Kaki patah sebelah……(One leg was broken)

Mok Teh Som : Mujo dok patoh dua dua (Lucky both legs weren’t broken)

Mok Long Selamoh : Tu pong mujo dreba beng dang brek. (It was lucky that the van driver braked in time)

Mek Beso : Mujo beng tu dok laju.. (Lucky the van wasn’t going fast..)

(Fade to black.)

If both legs were broken, the response would be “Mujo dok pecoh pala” (Lucky the head wasn’t broken). If the head WAS broken, the response would be “Mujo dok mati” (Lucky he didn’t die).

If the worst happened and the brother died, the mujo would still surface. “Mujo lah bukang adik kita” (Lucky it wasn’t my brother).

You get the drift…..

Mujo. A nice word. Adopt it. Embrace it. It will preserve your sanity.


Dull Science Fiction Novels

Just because it’s science fiction doesn’t make it exciting. Here, then, are some science fiction novels that are guaranteed to put you to sleep.

A Clockwork Orange Julius
The Invisible Manager
Atlas Shrugged, Sighed, and Wallowed in Regret
A Song of Ice and Fire and Wind and Rain and Dirt and Trees and Pine Cones and Waffles and…
Ringworld & Other Places to Take Your Fiancé
Foundation, Lipstick, Blush, and Empire
Stranger in a Strange Land’s End Sweater Vest
A Wrinkle in Trousers
Fahrenheit 45 and Partly Cloudy
Ender’s Game Goes Into Extra Innings
Something Wicker This Way Comes
Have Spacesuit, Won’t Travel (Also Have Motion Sickness)
2001: A Honda Odyssey
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the New Jersey Turnpike
Flowers for Algebra Homework
The Moon is a Harsh Mattress (Part 14 of the Napping Astronaut Chronicles)
The Stairs My Destination
Jurassic Parking Garage
Do Androids Dream of Taking Tests in Their Underpants?
1984: The Mondale Campaign
I, Robert
The Lost World – No, Wait, There It Is. …Well, That Was Easy
The Andromeda Stain Remover
Journey to the Center of Ohio

How Do You Spell Love?