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The Stonecutter

Many years ago, a poor stonecutter spent day after day in the quarry. He chipped away at the rock face with his simple tools. Hour after hour, day after day, the clink, clank noise of his chisel and hammer rang through the quarry. One day the man shouted out loud his frustration “why can I not be powerful like the rich man?” A fairy heard his wish and appeared at his side and said “I will grant your wish.”

As a rich man, the stonecutter felt powerful. He gave his servants orders. One day the rich man was outside and the sun shone hotly upon him. He said “The sun is more powerful than I. I wish I were the sun”. The fairy granted his wish.

Now he was the sun. He shone down powerfully upon the earth. One day a cloud passed in front of him. “That cloud is more powerful than I. I wish I were that cloud”. The fairy granted his wish.

As the cloud he blocked the sun day after day, causing darkness and cold. But one day a wind blew up and pushed away the cloud. “I wish I were the wind”. The fairy granted his wish.

As the wind he blew dust storms and hurricanes. Nothing could stand in his way. One day he came to the mountain and couldn’t move it. “The mountain resists me. I wish I were the mountain”. The fairy granted his wish.

As the mountain he was immovable. Nothing could budge him. But one day he felt something chipping away at him. It was a poor stonecutter. “The stonecutter is mightiest of all. I wish I was the stonecutter”. One last time, the fairy granted his wish.