Monthly Archives: December 2011

London, here I am!

When I meticulously plan for my dream vacation it almost always didn’t happen as I expected it to be. Impromptu travel plans are what work for me.

So when a golden opportunity knocked on my door, I thought what the heck, just grab it and seize the day. And I did a really crazy fantabulous thang, a last minute impromptu trip to London and Paris, with two ex colleagues, Shima Ajenan and Herman Hamid.

Miraculously I managed to pull together funds for my trip, in under 24 hours, thanks to Visa Platinum for my flight tickets, some savings for my pocket money and my brother Hafidz for my emergency cash and hopefully shopping on boxing day.

It is all about going all out to get what you want in life, with 100% intention, we will find the means to get there. When we are 100% engaged and set on our goal, we will go all out, even if we’re on a limp, to reach the finishing line. In my case it is the pursuit of happy-ness. That’s what I learned in AsiaWorks leadership program. I guess I didn’t become a torch bearer for nothing eh?

Catcha all later, am in London to see The Queen!