You Can’t Be Productive When Falling Asleep

The National Sleep Foundation says that drowsy workers cost U.S. employers an estimated $18 billion annually in lost productivity. Too little sleep also suppresses your immune function, which leads to increased infection and illnesses, creating more absenteeism. If you add errors, damage, and health consequences, the costs are even higher.

Overall, the quality of work, the amount of work, and your concentration EACH decline by 30% when you’re sleepy. Sleepiness also impairs memory, reaction time, and alertness. Talk about a productivity loss! It’s critical to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.

So, don’t watch television, eat, read, or work on your computer while you’re in your bed. Your mind associates your bed with sleepiness, so when you turn it into an entertainment zone, it can’t shut down properly. One hour before you go to bed, involve yourself in non-alerting activities in another room, such as doing dishes, taking a bath, journaling, or reading.

Don’t get involved in upsetting tasks such as paying bills or arguing with your spouse.

Watching television one hour before bedtime can result in increased brain activity, and even though you’re sleepy, you’ll get fewer sleep cycles and won’t feel rested in the morning.

By changing any poor sleep behaviors, you can sleep better and longer, resulting in higher productivity the following day.


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