Monthly Archives: June 2011

Thank you, Allah

I’m down with fever and cold. It feels really shitty. My nose is runny. I’m coughing non-stop. My chest is congested. My head is spinning. I’m floating. I’m feeling cold, hot and sweaty, all at the same time.

My olfactory system is not working, and thus my apetite is gone. I can’t smell and taste my food. Bland. Everything I eat tastes bland. I realised I have taken apetite for granted. It is a blessing.

When something you’re used to having, is suddenly missing from your life, you will then realise that it is important and you can’t live without it. But we tend to take things for granted, and not be grateful for the blessings that Allah has given us. Until it is gone. Then we blame God for taking it away from us. Instead, we should have been grateful anyways, because God has been generous enough to let us have it for as long as we had them. It is up to God how long we are to have those blessings.

So, thank you Allah, for the blessings that I have. Thank you, Allah, for what I have, used to have and never had. Please, Allah, let me be healthy, wealthy and happy dunia and akhirat.


Separuh Jiwaku Pergi

Separuh jiwaku pergi, memang indah semua,
tapi berakhir luka
kau main hati, dengan sadarmu
kau tinggal aku
benar ku mencintaimu, tapi tak begini
kau khianati hati ini, kau curangi aku
kau bilang tak pernah bahagia
selama dengan aku, itu ucap bibirmu
kau dustakan semua, yang kita bina
kau hancurkan semua