Darn! He is actually a she???

Today I am reminded again that some things in life and in this world are not always what they seem to be.  The mind always get easily tricked and fooled.

My kitten Smokey Ash Gray Robinson is not a HIM but a HER. Today, I discovered that Smokey is actually a female!!! Smokey is Pussy Cat, not a Tom Cat!  Darn, how can I get Smokey’s gender wrong in the first place, and only to realize it after a couple of months of adopting HER???

Bottle feeding Smokey Ash Gray Robinson :))

The vet didn’t say otherwise when I stated the gender as MALE when I sent Smokey to the Animal Medical Center for vaccination and deworming just last week. But I suppose the vets will, when I send HER for spaying sooner or later! 

But by looking at how Mocha and Didie tried to mount Smokey, and how SHE naturally responded, with such animal magnetism, which left me super flabbergasted, I  think spaying will be priority at this moment, although she is only about 4 months old.

I will check with the vet first, though, if it will be safe to spay her earlier than the recommended age of 6 months old for female kittens.  And she’s too young to start being on heat.  Too early for pregnancy. Safe pregnancy, that is.  

Smokey, my sleeping beauty!

Lesson learnt from this honest mistake of overlooking the details is, never to take anything for granted, no matter how certain or confident we are of something, someone or a situation, and no matter how small we think the matter is.

Mama is really sorry, Smokey, for thinking that you were a male kitten, because I thought I saw “testicle” on you although I thought it was rather small, but I never questioned why your testicle didn’t grow bigger over the last couple of months, in proportion with the rest of your body, like Tuah, Mocha and Carrot’s.


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