Finding happiness in unconditional love

Relationships with human beings do not necessarily have to be romantic.  We can love anyone unconditionally, and without putting expectations and conditions.

It means we make friends with people not because they can give us what we want, but, because of Allah.

Smokey and Tuah - Love knows no boundary

In loving unconditionally, we create acceptance, respect, kindness, forgiveness and happiness. I believe that when everyone loves everyone unconditionally, there will be no strangers, and there will be no hate, no fear and no war.

 Then there will be world peace in the real sense.


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I’m an avid reader, prolific wordsmith, cat lover, and passionate foodie and traveler. When I’m not in a world of my own with any of the above, I am an entrepreneur, communicator and writer. View all posts by Nel Fahro-Rozi

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