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Cat lover’s dilemma

Mahatma Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated .”

Unfortunately, not all Malaysians are kind to animals, and treat pets like family. 

I have adopted eight kittens whom three of them I rescued from their abuser and four of them were abandoned – Blackie Coffee, Darkie Chocs, Walnut Brownie, Lucky Hang Tuah, Carrot Cake, Chomel Chomot, Smokey Ash Gray Robinson and Cafe Mocha. 

Darkie Chocs died at the animal hospital recently, from FIP, a rare feline virus that affects 1 in 5,000 cats.  So I have seven kittens left. I also have one adult cat, Puff Didie @ Duke Diedre , who is rather old at 6+ years old. 

I love all of my cat and kittens. Unfortunately, my family members are nt too happy about my kittens. My sister in law particularly, avoids cats from a mile away.

The problem is, I live with my family. One cannot win against so many.  They want me to put up my cats for adoption because it is “getting crowded” as my brother puts it to me.  He said cats are dangerous to my pregnant sis in law.

My kittens make me happy. Right now they are  a BIG source of worldly happiness to me, second to my nephews and nieces.  Now, even that I am not allowed…

Is there anyone who loves cats and wants to provide a loving and caring home to them?


Unexpected journey

Sometimes an unexpected journey is the most rewarding.

Today I drove my mom to Kuang, Selangor to attend burial of my grandaunt, Nek Ucu, my late grandfather’s youngest sister. I heard the news of her passing yesterday evening. The relatives couldn’t bury her yesterday evening itself as it rained heavily. Unfortunately or, fortunately, because it allowed me and my mom to pay our last respects to her.

We left for Kuang as soon as the morning traffic on Jalan Hulu Kelang eased, and made a quick breakfast stopover at Kaya Kopitiam, Sg Buloh Overhead Bridge R & R.

When we arrived at Nek Ucu’s house, they were preparing her “jenazah” or body to be transported to the cemetery. After the burial, the elderly relatives congregated at the same house and caught up with each other. Most of them get to see each other only at family events like funerals, weddings, kenduri-kendara and Hari Raya.

I sat with my cousins as we are not supposed to join in the conversation unless we are asked to, although we can hear everything the elders talked about.

One of my aunties, who are known as the grand diva in the family, befitting her Datin title, remarked about Nek Ucu not leaving any descendents, as she was not married and has no children, not even adopted ones.

What she said had left a small hole in my heart now, as I’m at risk of ending up like my late grandaunt. No children. Not worried about not having anyone to leave whatever I have, because that I am sure I do. But somehow having no children of my own does leave a gaping hole in my heart, more so than not being married.

If one were to measure the degree of success in life by who they have in life, namely, spouse and children, then I have not tasted success. 

I don’t see signs that I’m getting married anytime so soon, and my biological clock is ticking, slowly but surely. That started me thinking of adopting a child or two.

I don’t know if I’m ever emotionally ready to become a parent, and a single parent nonetheless. But then again, sometimes an unexpected journey is the most rewarding. 

If any of you out there who’s reading this blog, have personal experience being a single parent of adopted children, please share with me your experience – whatever it is. I really appreciate that.

Doa buat Kekasih

Daripada Abdullah ibn Abbas ra, bahawa Rasulullah pernah berdoa:

“Ya Allah aku berserah kepada engkau, aku beriman kepada engkau, aku bertawakal kepada engkau, aku kembali kepada engkau dan aku berjuang kerana engkau. Ya Allah, aku berlindung dengan kemuliaan dan kekuatan engkau, tiada Tuhan yang aku sembah melainkan engkau, janganlah aku disesatkan. Engkau yang hidup dan tidak akan mati sedangkan jin dan manusia semuanya akan mati (Muttafiqun alaih)”. (Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa kepada Allah SWT dan berserah diri kepada Nya dengan penuh takwa dan tawakkal.

Fairy tales and happy endings

Say, what if could re-live my life all over again?
I would not rush into love because even fairy tales and happy endings take place on the last page.  I would have waited, and give my love to the man who is worthy of my love.
Perhaps, there is some truth and wisdom in that phrase, “good things happen too people who wait”. 
Dear God, I am patiently waiting….

Darn! He is actually a she???

Today I am reminded again that some things in life and in this world are not always what they seem to be.  The mind always get easily tricked and fooled.

My kitten Smokey Ash Gray Robinson is not a HIM but a HER. Today, I discovered that Smokey is actually a female!!! Smokey is Pussy Cat, not a Tom Cat!  Darn, how can I get Smokey’s gender wrong in the first place, and only to realize it after a couple of months of adopting HER???

Bottle feeding Smokey Ash Gray Robinson :))

The vet didn’t say otherwise when I stated the gender as MALE when I sent Smokey to the Animal Medical Center for vaccination and deworming just last week. But I suppose the vets will, when I send HER for spaying sooner or later! 

But by looking at how Mocha and Didie tried to mount Smokey, and how SHE naturally responded, with such animal magnetism, which left me super flabbergasted, I  think spaying will be priority at this moment, although she is only about 4 months old.

I will check with the vet first, though, if it will be safe to spay her earlier than the recommended age of 6 months old for female kittens.  And she’s too young to start being on heat.  Too early for pregnancy. Safe pregnancy, that is.  

Smokey, my sleeping beauty!

Lesson learnt from this honest mistake of overlooking the details is, never to take anything for granted, no matter how certain or confident we are of something, someone or a situation, and no matter how small we think the matter is.

Mama is really sorry, Smokey, for thinking that you were a male kitten, because I thought I saw “testicle” on you although I thought it was rather small, but I never questioned why your testicle didn’t grow bigger over the last couple of months, in proportion with the rest of your body, like Tuah, Mocha and Carrot’s.

Finding happiness in unconditional love

Relationships with human beings do not necessarily have to be romantic.  We can love anyone unconditionally, and without putting expectations and conditions.

It means we make friends with people not because they can give us what we want, but, because of Allah.

Smokey and Tuah - Love knows no boundary

In loving unconditionally, we create acceptance, respect, kindness, forgiveness and happiness. I believe that when everyone loves everyone unconditionally, there will be no strangers, and there will be no hate, no fear and no war.

 Then there will be world peace in the real sense.

Counting my blessings

Let me count my blessings. 

I have Allah in my every being, in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul – Alhamdulillah, I found Him and return to Him before it is too late. I have my family – my parents and brothers and their families, as well my aunts, uncles and cousins and their families.  

I have my much loved cat and kittens – Didie, Darkie, Brownie, Smokey, Tuah, Mocha, Carrot and Chomel, and they are my extended family.

I have loving and caring good friends – and their families, and many old friends that Facebook has reconnected me to. I have my own personal time to meditate, reflect, think and dream a little, too.

I have my professional career – and the opportunities, learning and experiences have been valuable – and I’m reasonably well compensated. I have my writing and translation projects to keep my busy on weekends and to keep my mind actively exploring new ideas.

I have travelled to some parts of the world – on the Asian, African (Middle East), American and Australian continents. I have my treasured books and my valuable reading time – they open windows in my soul to explore things beyond my imagination.

Most importantly, I am safe, alive and healthy – I just need more exercise and physical activities.

I should be more grateful to Allah. I pray that Allah will forgive me every time I feel that what Allah has given me is not enough – especially that not being married part – because I realise, what I have, is enough for me. Alhamdulillah!