Like expecting gold…

American essayist and nature writer, Maurice Setter (1817-1862) once wrote: “Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.”I thought aloud, “So, it’s just like expecting gold.”

Maybe that’s why I kept missing the train when it comes to relationships, and I find it difficult to fall in love because I was hoping to find someone who has the right chemistry. Perhaps, the right chemistry is something we develop as we go along?

I was having a conversation on this with a friend, Roadrunner some time long ago. He didn’t agree with me totally. He said, “I thought so but might not always be true. There are instances when the attraction is mutual immediately but it is how the relationship develops later that will depend on other factors. But expecting or waiting for such things is a futile effort. Attraction can be instant but friendship takes time.”

Roadrunner said: “Ahh…life is like that. When you like someone, they don’t like you. When someone likes you, you don’t like them. I have always thought that the chance of both liking each other is so remote. But when things come together, you wonder how, through all the improbable circumstances, you could actually meet and find each other. It is as if fated. Sometimes it is when you least expect it.”

To which Roadrunner retorted: “Don’t stop expecting gold. Just don’t expect platinum…”


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