Speechless, clueless…

Indeed, I have been a silent blogger this year. With a reason, nonetheless.  Truly, I am clueless of what I can and can’t say anymore.  I’m in pain and I can’t share that with anyone, lest I’ll be accused of telling things that I’m not supposed to share with others. 

What little I post on Facebook, which doesn’t tell much at all, are considered as over telling by this “someone”. So what more if I write in a blog?  It seems  whatever I say or do nowadays are wrong – to “someone” at least.  I no longer have freedom of speech. 

So forgive me, I’m not in a mood to speak at the moment. I’m learning sign language next, I guess!


About Nel Fahro-Rozi

I’m an avid reader, prolific wordsmith, cat lover, and passionate foodie and traveler. When I’m not in a world of my own with any of the above, I am an entrepreneur, communicator and writer. View all posts by Nel Fahro-Rozi

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