Monthly Archives: April 2010

Suddenly Engaged!

The chance of meeting someone again after more than 20 years apart, and having the opportunity to get to know him again, and much, much closer this time, is a novelty. 

Kidal and I found each other in November. I think he wished me for my birthday, that’s how it all started. We became friends again and started dating in early February.  It was nothing that romantic, just a trip to Aquaria and we spent the whole day together, prayers at the mosque between  Aquaria,   Japanese dinner  and teh tarik at the mamak for supper.

I didn’t expect to suddenly be engaged to him on April Fool.  April Fool? Oh Gosh! I dunno how that really happened.  We must be mad, if not fools!  But I have the engagement ring…could this be real???

Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me, please!