As Easy as ABC, 123

Falling in love is easy. Falling out of is even a lot easier. If falling in love is as easy as ABC, falling out of love is as easy as 123. If a verse of beautiful poetry makes you fall in love, one foolish word or SMS will make you fall out of love.

If it takes a minute to fall in love, it takes just a split second to fall out of love. Everything is about speed nowadays, even when it comes to love. Modern technology makes it so convenient for people to communicate, so much so that relationships are started and break-ups are done with just a touch of the green button to send the SMS from our mobile phone, iPhone or Blackberry.

Isn’t it amusing? When you were in love, you can’t see enough of each other. When you’re away from each other, you take the trouble to make 3G video calls so you can see each other as you whisper sweet nothings and kiss the silver screen. Nevertheless when it comes to breaking up, just an SMS will do? Wow, it is as easy as ABC and 123, indeed.

Relationships and marriages ending over SMS is an increasing phenomenon. People don’t even bother to look at the other half’s face to say good bye to the person they claimed to have fallen in love, whispered sweet nothings, made promises to. This is the person they married or committed a relationship to. In some cases, they have been together for many years. To me this is being irresponsible and cowardly, taking the easy way out and being disrespectful to another human being, to the one whom you shared a part of your life, nonetheless.

Some say, you feel less guilty hurting someone if you’re not looking at his or her eyes when you say good bye. Wow, what a brilliant justification huh! I think this is utter rubbish, so wait, stop right there!

In my opinion, even if you really fall out of love with someone and can’t wait to get rid of him or her from your life, please say good bye respectfully. Take a good look him or her in the eye and feel his or her pain. Take a good look at the person you’re hurting before you part. Even if the both of you are a thousand miles apart, there are always 3G video calls to connect you visually.

Speak respectfully, kindly and gently, and make it easy for him or her because he or she deserves at least a good closure. Having a good closure makes it a lot easier for the person to move on with his or her life. Breaking up is never easy but at least he or she will not feel like unwanted rubbish dumped on the street just like that. It’s about treating someone with dignity and kindness. It is not as easy as ABC and 123, but you must do it, it is necessary.


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