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Fairy Tale Turned Bad

Once upon a time, in a far, far away kingdom lived The Princess, who was in love with Prince Charming.  The love story between The Princess and Prince Charming began so beautifully, just like any other fairy tale. The Princess being so naive was totally charmed by Prince Charming, with all the sweet talking he whispered in her ears. Prince Charming, being charming and all, swept the princess off her feet as he began painting a picture of the future they were to build together.

What The Princess did not know was that she was trapped in the cobweb of lies that was spun artfully by Prince Charming. The Princess became very miserable that she fell ill because the prince, after losing his castle to a rival in a foolish poker game, begun hocking all the gold coins and jewels in her castle. When The Princess refused to share with Prince Charming anymore of her wealth, Prince Charming began to show his true color. Prince Charming no longer treated The Princess with love and gentleness. Instead, his once sweet words were now raining buckets of sarcasms.

The Spell was broken as The Princess faced The Moment of Truth about her Prince Charming. The Princess was no longer charmed, and suddenly did not find Prince Charming, charming at all. No longer blinded by love, The Princess can clearly see that he was no Prince Charming.

No, no, no. On the contrary, he was The Pirate of The Caribbean, masking as Prince Charming. Oh well, what is the difference between princes and pirates? Once upon a time, weren’t many, many Princes were once Pirates who ruled the sea, before they became Kings who ruled the land?

With the tales of deceits and betrayals, as predicted, the love story did not end with a “and they live happily ever after” as fairy tales should.  The Princess wondered how on earth she could fall in the hands of such a villain. Prince Charming, my foot, she muttered under her royal breath.

This is more of a tale of a beautiful princess being tied to a tree helplessly waiting in vain, for the evil dragon, much like that prince charming turned bad, to devour her alive. There are just too many pirates out there in the high seas who are opportunists who are ever so willing to take advantage of The Princess and leave her to die at The Dragon’s Lair.

Too many Villains, so who is The Hero who is going to save The Princess?

The Princess is weary of being played out many times by many a Prince Charming that turned bad.

How many toads does The Princess must kiss before one of them turn into a real Prince Charming?

The answer to that question is none, my dear princess, because toads will always be toads, and Prince Charming doesn’t exist.

Yeah, another one bites the dust. That was me. I think my parents should never have encouraged me to believe in fairy tales, of princesses and princes charming. I’m tired of fairy tales. What’s next?