The Pinnochio Effect

I believe that when C. Collodi wrote “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, he was not kidding about the fact that Pinocchio’s nose actually grew longer whenever he lied. The author did actually do his homework, well, either that or it was just a fluke.


Do you know that it is a fact that one’s nose can actually enlarge slightly when the person is intentionally lying – I mean “The Malicious Lie” as opposed to “The White Lie”.


On that note, I would like to share with you an interesting fact that I have learned from the book I am reading right now, “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Barbara & Allan Pease.


According to Barbara & Allan Pease, Scientists at the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago found that when ones lies, chemicals known as catecholamine are released, causing tissues inside the nose to swell. They even used special cameras that show blood flow in the body to reveal that intentional lying also causes an increase in blood pressure. This technology indicates that the human nose actually expands when a person is lying – this is known as the “Pinnochio Effect”.


Increased blood pressure inflates the nose and causes the nerve endings in the nose to tingle, resulting in brisk rubbing action to the nose with the hand to “satisfy” the “itch”.


So be wary if someone constantly touches his or her nose (unless he or she is having sinuses or allergies) when having a conversation with you.


Here is another give away from the interesting book – do you know that a man’s penis also swells with blood when he tells a lie?


As the authors suggested, perhaps the Grand Jury should have pulled Bill Clinton’s trousers down instead, during his famous trial some years ago.


As for the current situation in Malaysia, there are too many examples for me to mention without getting myself into trouble with the law of the land. I value my freedom. So, let’s not go there. Ha-ha!



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6 responses to “The Pinnochio Effect

  • Pingu Toha

    owh, WOW!

    ur English command is better than mine! im so in awe!

    Hey, ive read the body language book too. but it was quite some time ago…so cant remember much of it.

    anyways, thanks for reading L.U.V.E. I really appreciate ur take on it. I’m working on 2 other projects right now and ALHAMDULILLAH, ive managed to overcome my writer’s block. will write more after this…hehe!

    THANKS A BUNCH for ur support!!! 🙂

  • Nel Fahro-Rozi

    Hello Pingu,

    You’re most welcome, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Really made my day 🙂

    I’ve written a review on your book. I hope you like it.

    Nel @ Penglipur Lara

  • fazZzlllaaannngggg

    Hmm. I shud lie more often. Bagi idung mancung sket..ehehhehehh

  • Pingu Toha

    no, YOU made my day!


  • Nel Fahro-Rozi

    Hehehe…I’m glad I made your day, Pingu, because your book made my week Guess that’s a really good deal for me! Wow!

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