Monthly Archives: December 2008

Of Circuits & Sunsets

Yesterday, I went to Sepang F1 Circuit to watch A1 GP with my brother, his wife, my nephew and my brother’s friend. Minus the sun, I had enjoyed watching the race. More importantly, I love spending quality time with my two and a half years old nephew Luth. It was a total bliss.

After watching the race, we went to Sepang Gold Coast for a picnic by the seaside. I helped Luth built some sandcastles on the beach.


After the seaside picnic, we went for dinner at the fishermen’s jetty in Bagan Lalang.  The restaurant sits on the jetty and jutted out to the sea, and it looks like its floating platform on the sea water.

It was not the best seafood I’ve ever tasted, and the prices are not cheap either. We had fried cuttlefish, grilled red snapper, hot and sour clam soup, chilli fried bamboo clams and vegetables – and it cost us more than RM50 per person.

Personally, I think Kuala Selangor Restaurant located in between the two firefly sanctuaries in Kampung Kuantan and Bukit Belimbing has better and cheaper seafood. The sweet and sour crabs are heavenly.

The ambience would have been perfect if I can ignore the abandoned door less public toilets that were washed away by the sea which are facing the restaurant. Bagan Lalang being a local tourist destination, why on earth isn’t the local authority doing something?


Looking at one of the most beautiful sunsets is some consolation to my disappointment. It’s one of the little things in life that makes me happy. I only wish I have a man who would put his arms around my shoulders as we watch the sunset.