Over The Waters of Santa Ana

Sudden Flash Back. I think I’m getting my memory back…
The Ex-Hubby is aerophobic. Besides being hydrophobic and agrophobic.
There was one time we were flying from San Jose to Los Angeles. Must be in September 1993, before we got married. While flying over the waters of Santa Ana, we hit an air pocket, it dropped almost thousand metres I think. The Ex-Hubby was terribly pale with fear. I was scared too but I thot, there’s nothing I can do anyways if we crashed. I prayed and then continued reading my book.

Then he said, what if we land in the waters? I said, if we didn’t die, just take a swim to shore or to the nearest boat if any. Then he went even paler. he said he doesn’t swim. So, I said, too late to learn now. But anyways, swimmers or not, the sharks will surely have a feast.  I thot that should be a consolation, but guess I scared the shit out of him. He almost passed out from out of breath.

 No wonder he left me, I was mean to him in that way.




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