Oh maaaaaamaa aku mau kaaaaahwin!


July 22, 2008 12:23 PM  

Oh maaaaamaa aku mau kaaaaahwin!(Oh mama, I want to get married!)

By Nel-Fahro Rozi

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 (Bernama) — I was just thinking…

If God intended to give us 24 hours a day so that we have eight hours to make a living, eight hours to build a life – religion, self, family, friends – and eight hours to rest, then my life is definitely not a balanced one. It seems my work is always borrowing extra four hours from my personal time. In the end, I’m always making a living, and not building a life.

I wish I can say Thank God it’s Friday, but the truth is, I haven’t really enjoyed my weekend that much. I’m always working even on weekends. If not working on my day job, I’d be doing a freelance project, or if nothing else, I’d be helping my mother run her grocery business. Imagine doing that every weekend…

I used to think, if I did not do all these, what else would I do over my weekends? I mean, I am single, so I have extra time on my hand compared to my married peers. I would be dead bored, right?

I know my mother would not like me to spend time away from the grocery store on weekends. Every opportunity she gets, she wants me to run the grocery store. I would do it, so that I could let my mother have a good rest.

It’s a chicken and egg situation, really. My mother thinks I should spend time running the grocery store because I am single. On the other hand, I think I am single because I’m busy running my mother’s grocery store. Where got time to go dating maaaaaaa!

Mothers are the epitome of contradiction, I think.

My mother has been so busy body asking me when I’m getting married. Yet she is keeping me busy doing things that keep me away from meeting potential dates. I mean, I would have a better chance meeting Mr. Right in a bookstore or café, as compared to a grocery store, right?

If my mother wants me married off sooner, she is going to have to give me a lot of moral support instead of trapping me in guilt trips. The guilt trip tactic is always eating me up, and my mother is good at doing that. For that reason, too, I always ended up going back to running her grocery store on weekends.

I feel like a hamster running on a treadmill in a cage, like the ones you see in pet shops. Keep running and running on empty. Keep running and running like the rabbit in my favourite Energizer battery TV commercial.

Sigh! Probably now I have to find someone as my other half, who enjoys running a grocery store with me over the weekends, huh?

My younger brother is tying the knot in August, which is just next month. By this time, I would be the only singleton in my family, save for my mother as she chose to remain single after she divorced my father. I did not choose to be single, however. I want a very loving, passionate and committed marriage, if such a thing is not a fairy tale, that is.

Huhuhu…I feel like singing that old song they always play in one of the old P. Ramlee or Mat Sentul movies from the 60s. As the lyric goes, “Oh maaaaaamaa aku mau kaaaaahwin!”

I think I need a change in my lifestyle. No, wait! I now remember that I have huge responsibilities and commitments. I am my family’s hero, so to speak, right. I must save the world, like Hiro in the Heroes series. So, it’s unlikely I would do a total makeover. Perhaps, one change at a time is manageable.

Let’s see…

I will do one new thing every day. I can pick up a new book by an unfamiliar author. The stranger the fiction, the better. I can sit in a different chair with my morning coffee, if only to see my house from a fresh perspective to keep my mind alert and my spirit alive and kicking. Hmmm, naaaah, this will make me feel like a centenarian living in an old folk’s home.

I know what I need. I need a radical change. I need a lifestyle makeover. I shall sleep on it tonight!

Meanwhile, if you have brilliant ideas, do share with me. I surrender being single!



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2 responses to “Oh maaaaaamaa aku mau kaaaaahwin!

  • a john

    Who says guys never visit grocery stores; maybe u should spend more time at the grocery store, and voila your “mr.right’ might walk in enquiring about instant noodles! i was just reading your other post, and yes agree 1st cut is the deepest; & when you get “dumped” just as i was “dumped’,you tend to become morbid! But now i think it was good that she told me then, she’s found another who’m the family will accept easily.Cos, after many years moaning over, and bruised ego to add, i did find a lady I am comfortable to share my life with. But, the many years in between has resulted in having daughter in primary 2, when you are just about to retire!

  • Syreen

    HaHa.. you’re witty! I love your stories! Honestly!
    but yea.. i totally dig you on the issue with your mom…
    mine’s the same!

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