Venus calling Mars, anybody home?

I know that Mr. Right is coming. Only that he’s stuck in Mars and the spaceship is taking a f**king long time to get to Earth because he got lost somewhere in the universe. Oh yes, and he is too proud to ask for directions.


Venus calling Mars, is anybody home?


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I’m an avid reader, prolific wordsmith, cat lover, and passionate foodie and traveler. When I’m not in a world of my own with any of the above, I am an entrepreneur, communicator and writer. View all posts by Nel Fahro-Rozi

One response to “Venus calling Mars, anybody home?

  • The Lordship

    Poor girl, you sound so lonely.

    May be we are to small to understand how does God set our jodoh and takdir.

    I used to advise my sisters, don’t worry, if it is written some where about jodoh, then it will come. And don’t worry too much as Lelaki baik untuk perempuan yang baik and vice-versa.

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