The game of love


The game of love, as I see it, is like taking a walk in a park.


Some people have been to the park many times and after a while forgot the wonders that the gardens in the park offer. They just want to rush to that white gazebo.


For some, this is their first time walking in the park. They are taken in by the wonders, taking time to explore every garden in the park, breathe the air, smell the flowers, and feel the grass under their feet. They see that white gazebo, but thought it can wait.


For some, they see didn’t see that white gazebo; they kept hopping on to different gardens.


For other first timers, they walk in the park but just fail to see the wonders, or even know that the white gazebo exists and where.


Some people see the park from afar but other things in life becomes priority, so they never thought of stepping into the gardens thinking naaahhh, it’s waste of time walking in the park. That white gazebo will still be there, if I want to get there at all.


Some people learned about the park and are planning to get there but are still finding their way to park, getting lost somewhere. If only they care to ask for directions!


Some people are so romantically and emotionally deficient…blur…hah, what park!?


About Nel Fahro-Rozi

I’m an avid reader, prolific wordsmith, cat lover, and passionate foodie and traveler. When I’m not in a world of my own with any of the above, I am an entrepreneur, communicator and writer. View all posts by Nel Fahro-Rozi

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