I’m really not tech savvy

I’m really not tech savvy. I don’t even own an iPOD, and I really need to upgrade my iPAQ. Last week, I dropped my dopod phone, and because it’ll cost me so much to fix the broken LCD, I decided to just buy a simpler and user-friendly NOKIA, and return to my old iPAQ as my PDA. I decided to give up on my dopod phone, because I hardly use half of the functions on the device!

I’m really not tech savvy. So when friends kept asking me to join FaceBook, I waited and waited for months because I wasn’t sure how to do it. Barged with overwhelming requests by friends for me to join FaceBook, I finally signed up a couple of months ago. Yeah I’m a late bloomer in FaceBook. I think I should have done that much earlier. I’m such a cow, huh?

Back to FaceBook, I think this a great platform to keep in touch with people you already know and to meet new people. I get to know so and so is also a friend of so and so, and that my friends and I have many mutual friends. Hey, isn’t this a great way to expand my circle of friends?

Anyways, today, I discovered that I’m more desirable than 69.8% of people on FaceBook.

This means my global desirability is 15,845 out of 27,717,015 people. There are 44,036 people who as desirable as I am. The top reasons why people vote me as datable are reputation, personality and smart. I thought that isn’t too bad lah! Kwang3X!


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