Cheating conundrum

Perhaps, if you love someone, let him go. If he comes back to you then he is yours. If he doesn’t you know he’s with me!  Heh heh don’t get mad, that’s just food for thought to provoke your mind a little.

Just thinking aloud. If I were to go out for a one-on-one dinner with a married friend of the opposite sex, will he be considered as cheating his other half? 

Let me elaborate. If I were to have a mentally and spiritually stimulating conversation with a married male friend over an informal relaxed dinner at a hip mamak outlet, discussing life’s peculiarities and exchanging thoughts on many things in our lives, would he be cheating on his wife?

Let’s just say, we were connecting intellectually and spiritually, not romantically and very far from sexually (because I’m a reborn Virgin, yeah in my ass, heh heh).  Would he be cheating on his wife?

It also depends on which side of the coin you’re looking at of course. As a liberal, I think that’s not called cheating.  More like chatting, I guess. But, some of my not so liberal friends don’t agree with me on this.

So when is a cheat not a cheat? I read an article in a local newspaper. The writer said, even if you have not acted on your feelings for a third party, you are still cheating.  Wow! I must be cheating on Abang Iman every time my heart goes bonker over Brad Pitt then? Heh heh 🙂

This is why I think it’s important to not judge the book by its cover.  Judgement is a self-belief, not a fact. In fact, The Holy Quran (verse 2:185) asks us to use our ears to listen, open our eyes to see and feel with our hearts first before we decide to take a stand on anything.

Tell me, which side of the coin are you on? Share with me, there is no right or wrong answer, for I will not judge you.


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4 responses to “Cheating conundrum

  • AsH

    Alamak Nel… I think I’m kinda on the fence on this. It’s not white or black. I would prefer that my partner be honest with me if he has to spend time with a friend of the opposite sex. If he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me that doesn’t say very much about our relationship right? 😛 On the other hand, I don’t classify drooling over Brad Pitt as cheating! Ha ha ha ha.

  • penglipurlara

    Hehehe I agree, if a man has an open and honest relationship with his partner, he would tell her he’s having coffee with a female friend.

  • u-know-who-heehee

    at our side of the coin, we think it’s ok coz no string or feeling attached. but believe me, the other women will definitely say we are the perampas to be… oh i kena already… me & my male friend hv been friends for like 10 years.. and i hv to back off coz i love him as a friend and wouldn’t want his marriage ruined because of our friendship.. sigh..

  • u-know-who-heehee

    btw, my male friend told his wife abt me all the time. but only “recently” she is not happy with our relationship…

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