Seuntai salam sejambak kato

  • As we bask in a month-long Hari Raya mood (if you fast for an entire month that is), I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya in the Minang style…
  • Kok dilipek sebosa kuku, kok dibontang sebosa alam, kok hilang dicari, kok hanyuk dipinteh, kok tonggolam disolam, kok datang biar nampak muko, kok poyi biar nampak belakang, kok jawuah diimbau, kok dokek digamit, seuntai salam sejambak kato, Salam Aidil Fitri buek seisi keluargo!

  •  I had a quiet Eidul Fitrul celebration this year.
  • The first two days were spent entertaining relatives and close friends who came to visit us at home. Partly because I was a lil lazy to host an open house or officially invite anyone to the house, only one close friend came to visit me – Belle of the Party.  The other friends are away in their hometown or kampungs.
  • On the second day Belle of the Party and I visited Eliza who did an open house. I would have come even if she didn’t host an open house anyways. Close friends need not get an invitation to come over to another close friend’s house, right?
  • Eliza must be such a good cook, first I ate her Soto Ayam, then her Mee Rebus,  then her Ketupat and Rendang, then I had cheesecake for dessert. After the third dish and dessert, one of my Baju Kebaya buttons popped out. What an embarrassment. Buat malu kompeni jer ek. Hehehe I’m terrible huh?
  • On the second day, Seniman Bujang Lapuk, my extended super single brother decided to spend Eidul Fitri in Kota Bharu with his girlfriend’s family a.k.a his future in-laws for obvious reasons I really cannot comprehend. My mom was very upset, and so was I for that matter. 
  • On the third day, my family – minus Seniman Bujang Lapuk – drove up to Alor Gajah, Melaka to visit our relatives in a village called Kg Lendu.
  • Nothing much that’s exciting happened in a quiet village. Same ole, same ole lah. Lembu-lembu pun dah tua.
  • When the elders congregate, we the younger ones get to eavesdrop on the latest family gossips – which cousins got married or remarried, divorced, married a second wife (or third, or fourth), are stills bachelors, bachelorettes and errr… spinsters, who’s seeing who, who got engaged, who got disengaged (errr…I mean broke an engagement), who got pregnant, who gave birth, who died, who’s missing in action, who graduated, who dropped out, who got a new job, which uncle or grand uncle retired, who got a new car, who got a new house, who got richer, who got poorer, who moved where, who went to Mekah for haj, who went to umrah, who joined the tabligh.
  • I didn’t know family gossips can actually be quite entertaining…
  • Some gossips are inspiring, like my youngest grand-uncle was awarded Datuk Wira title from Melaka’s Yang Di-Pertua recently, one of my businessman cousins is now a millionaire, and one just got his PhD.
  • Some gossips are really out of this world, like when another grand uncle told us he had been visited by my dead great-uncle’s saka.
  • Then, one of my grand aunts blurted out a taboo question that people like to ask, like when am I getting married. She suggested that I marry one of the bachelors or divorcees from Kg Lendu.
  • Errr…somehow I cringed at that idea, after my “escape”  (errr…not escapade, mind you) from The Johorian Bachelor an aunt tried to match make me with a while ago.
  • While I’m not thaaat high maintenance (errr…I don’t think so!), I know I’m quite fussy when it comes to choosing my man. Errr…I won’t settle for just any Tom, Dick and Harry. I do want a man who has the qualities I want. For example, I wanna be able to have interesting conversations with him everyday, and about different things too. Of course, discourse alone won’t do it, intercourse is very important. He has to know how to turn me on.
  • My man and I have to talk in the same language. Otherwise, we’ll be two strangers after six months, not knowing what else to talk about, apart from mundane things like the weather. Strangers indeed! Hey, I don’t want to sleep with a stranger!



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