Carpe diem!

While waiting to car pool with a couple of friends to a mutual friend’s open house in Damansara Heights, I was killing time by cleaning up some old files from my laptop this evening. Guess what. I found my old journal for September 2003 and I read it.


It’s amazing and so inspiring to remember how much I have achieved in one year alone. It’s probably fate that I found this at the moment I need a good uplift and a boost to my self esteem the most.

I would like to share what I wrote in my journal…


“Dear Diary, wow, time really flies. Quarterly review already! I think I’ve been through a lot, done a lot of things and been to a lot of places for the first half of this year: 

Reaching new heights –  As for my mountain climbing and trekking activities, I successfully reached Low’s Peak of Mount Kinabalu, highest peak in the South East Asia at 13,600 ft, I reached the peaks of Mount Angsi at 1, 350 ft, twice, and Mount Nuang at 5, 000 ft twice as well, I climbed a total of 1, 632 steps of Batu Caves after a few trips back and forth, I hiked up Gasing Hill at 900 ft, twice, went white water rafting and shooting rapids at Sungai Padas (Level 5) in Beufort, Sabah, took up go-kart racing, increased my fitness level tremendously, now I can swim 15-20 laps continuously compared to last year, where I’ll call quits before 5 laps.

Work, work and work –  Published the first newsletter for the company (and got it nominated for an award) and organized many firsts for the company, media training workshops for spokespersons, background briefing for editors, educational visit to media houses for PR practitioners, management briefing and media briefing

Travels – Backpacked on a shoestring budget around Victoria, Australia – Melbourne, Phillip Island, Geelong, Dandenong and Pioneer Bay in May, travelled to Sabah and climbed Mount Kinabalu in March, travelled to Doha, Qatar for work in June.

Other happenings – After getting so many complaints from me, the owner of the convenience shop at my condo, who is also my neighbour, sold her business to me which I took over gladly, planning for mom to run the shop as her retirement project, the court finally granted me a divorce from Tahir in July, after almost one year of “gantung tak bertali”.

Thoughts and plans for next quarter –  Increase my fitness level until I can swim 25-30 laps continuously, do at least another speech for toastmasters and if possible, become a Competent Toastmaster by end of June, organize first treasure hunt for the Group, attend Lilian Too’s Feng shui workshop.


After reading my journal, I think I shouldn’t be going through a confidence crisis that is affecting many aspects of my life. It’s sooooo not right. Remembering that I am afterall very capable of achieving a lot things, I’m more inspired to make 2008 and beyond as one of the best times of my life. Impossible is nothing, eh?


I think I’ve been complacent for sometime. I shall wake up from my deep slumber and be awake. I’ve slept too much. I shall now seize the day! Carpe diem! I shall be alive and kicking!



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