Oh maaaaaamaa saya mau kaaaaahwin!

  • I’m kinda bored today, so I was just thinking…

  • If God intended to give us 24 hours a day so that we have eight hours to make a living, eight hours to build a life – for our religion, for ourself, for our family, for our friends,for our society, for our country – and the remaining eight hours to rest – to rejuvenate, recreate or procreate (heh heh!) – then my life is definitely not a balanced one. The weighing scale is very, very lopsided indeed it’s tipping over.

  • It seems my work is always borrowing extra four to six hours from my personal time, day in and day out. In the end, I’m always making a living, and not building a life. 

  • I wish I can say “Thank God it’s Friday” every weekend. But I can’t. Not every weekend anyways. The truth is, I haven’t really enjoyed my weekends. If I have a weekend, that is. That’s because I’m always working even on weekends. If not working on my career, I’d be doing a freelance project. If nothing else, I’d be helping my mom run her grocery business.  Imagine doing that every weekend… 

  • I used to think, if I didn’t do all these, what else would I do over my weekends? Well, theoretically, I’m single, so I would have extra time on my hands compared to my married contemporaries. I can’t make husband and kids as an excuse not to do what I have to do. Besides I’m filling that role of being a filial daughter to my mom, being the patriotic and altruistic soul that I am. Hehehe yeah, right!

  • Actually, I’m just dead bored with my so routine life. Hey I’m a Scorpio, for God’s sake,  I’m never into routine things in life. It’s a real miracle I survive in a corporate career for more than ten years and still running. Errr..walaupun separuh nafas, heh heh.

  • After a while I’m beginning to feel like a fat hamster (literally, hahaha!) running on that stupid treadmill in that ugly little cage, like those you see in pet shops. Keep running and running.  I do want to be loved, but I don’t have to be a pet! Oh no, not a hamster!


  • I know my mom would not like me to be spend time away from the grocery store on weekends. Every opportunity she gets, she wants me to run the grocery store. 

  • Therefore, my being single is really a chicken and egg situation. Cause and effect if you want to call it that.  Let me illustrate my point in saying this. My mom thinks I should spend time running the grocery store because I’m single. On the other hand, I’m single because I’m busy running the grocery store. It goes on and on. See? Where got time to go dating maaaaaaa! Yet, she’s soooo busy body asking me when I’m getting married. Yet she’s busy asking me to do things that keep me away from meeting potential dates. What a contradiction. What an irony. Mothers!

  • If my mom wants me married off soon, she’s gonna have to give me a lot of moral support instead of trapping me in guilt trips. The guilt trip tactic always worked and my mom’s good at doing that. For that reason, too, I always ended up going back to running her grocery store on weekends. 

  • If I wanna be practical and pragmatic, probably I should find someone (as my other half)who happens to enjoy running a grocery store with me over the weekends, huh? 

  • Huhuhu…I feel like singing that oldies sung by Ito from Blues Gang, “Oh Mama Saya Mahu Kahwin”. It sings, “Oh maaaaaamaa saya mau kaaaaahwin!” or something like that. Heh heh…


  • I think I need a change my lifestyle. No, wait! I have responsibilities and commitment. So, I can’t do a total makeover. Perhaps, one change at a time is manageable. 

  • Let see…I will do one new thing every day…

  • First, I can pick up a new book by an unfamiliar author, at least unfamiliar to me lah.  (Hmmm come to think of it, I’m already doing that anyways. I’m now reading Albert Camus’ “The Outsider” which is originally “L’Etranger” in French and translated into English which literally means “The Stranger”. Next I’m reading Franz Kafka and Jean Paul Satre). 

  • I can sit in a different chair with my morning coffee, if only to see my house (or my mom’s grocery shop) from a fresh perspective to keep my mind alert and my heart alive. Hmmm, naaaah, this really makes me feel like a centenarian living in an old folk’s home. Touch wood!

  • I need a radical change. I think I need a lifestyle makeover. I shall sleep on it tonight!  Walaubagaimanapun, if you have brilliant ideas, please share with me. 

  • I, Penglipur Lara, hereby surrender being single! Amen!


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I’m an avid reader, prolific wordsmith, cat lover, and passionate foodie and traveler. When I’m not in a world of my own with any of the above, I am an entrepreneur, communicator and writer. View all posts by Nel Fahro-Rozi

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