The sauce saves the satay

  • A group of my secondary school friends organized a reunion get-together on Saturday. It was a healthy long jog down my memory lane, unearthing some memories that have been buried for good many years.  I didn’t realize I’ve forgotten many faces, people and events in my secondary school years.  Hehehe age is catching up…
  • I know I wasn’t the brainiest, smartest, prettiest, coolest or most popular kid on the block considering I was quite invisible compared to some.  But I did have a pretty fun and super fantastic time in secondary school.  It was enjoyable and time really flies.
  • I had lots of friends. But they were all from different groups. I just went with the flow like a river and drifted from group to group and back, from the creative artsy fartsy group to the brainy nerdy smarties group to the glamourous and elite group to the popular “in” group to the intelligent and slightly eccentric group.
  • It’s like I didn’t fit in anywhere. Yet I fit in everywhere. In the end, I didn’t belong to any one clique. Yet I belong where it matters. And I matter where I belong.
  • I adore all (hehehe almost) my friends. Yet I was just as happy on my own and being a lone ranger. Having my personal space. Doing my own things. Not having to prove anything to anyone. Not even to myself. Happy and contented with who I was (I still am that!). And I steered clear of the f**king politics of group and intergroup dynamics.
  • It felt so odd walking into a room full of familiar strangers.  I don’t know why I felt a little anxious. Perhaps because it’s been almost 20 years since I last meet up with some. Some I keep in touch with every now and then. Some I keep in touch with every time.
  • Before actually walking into the restaurant, what I have are vague mental pictures of people, faces, classrooms, corridors, laughter, voices, text books and moments; all iced up and foggy deep rooted in 20 years of grey matter.  Because time and situation change people for better or for worse, I realized that I don’t really know some of them anymore.  It was like getting to know them all over again.
  • When I walked into the restaurant, the vague mental picture that I have, became as clear as daylight. I was greeted by some faces I knew well. Hugs and kisses went all around in abundance. Looking around at the sea of familiar faces, I thought everyone looked so grown-up (compared to the last time I met them). They have changed into something more sophisticated and mature, from what I remembered them to be.

  • Some put on weight. Some lost weight. Some maintains the weight. Some look like aunties. Some look like “datin”. Some look like fashion models! Some must have had plastic surgery. Or Botox. Or nose jobs. Or boob jobs. Some looked like their moms. Some looked like my mom! And some looked EXACTLY the same.
  • The reunion get-together turned out to be a great party, I think. We had good food and great company. We had fun at the karaoke after our lunch and tea.
  • Besides, I quite like the idea of going to reunions because I enjoy bumping into familiar faces from my past, particularly if it evokes pleasant memories. I enjoy discovering the paths people take in life, and where they lead to, after starting out from the same point in our journeys.
  • I enjoy listening to people’s stories and gossips (hehehe). More often than not, in a gathering like this, the juicy stories are the sauce that saves the satay from mediocrity.
  • Some started their own businesses, like The Matchmaker, who is a very enterprising businesswoman, running a successful trading business with her husband and partner. Not coincidently, she also owns the posh Thai restaurant where we were having the reunion lunch. I don’t know how she manages it but she’s also busy finding potential candidates to match make me and some other single friends with.
  • Some started their businesses and failed. Some tried again and made it, some don’t. Some are broke. Some are dead broke. Some are deeply in debt. Some have money. Some have more money. Some have lots of money. Some just have too much money, not knowing what to do with it. Err…duh! Give it to me, I know what to do with it J
  • Some are famous (one of them is an actress). Some are infamous. Some are notorious.
  • Some are successful career women. Some are less successful. Some are bosses. Some are not. Some are bored with their jobs, some are overly enthusiastic it irritates me. Some even asked me for a job. Some offered me a job.
  • Some traveled widely – and bragged about it too. Some lived abroad for some years. Some never left the country.
  • Some just like to brag about themselves. Or who they know. Or who they hang out with. Endlessly. Blah, blah, blah.


  • Some are married to their jobs, like me. Sigh! Some are divorced from their jobs.
  • Some are happily married. Some are married and unhappy. 
  • Some are married with kids. Some are married, no kids.
  • Some are married but available. Some have extra-marital love affairs. Some keep anak ikan or toy boys. Despite having goody-two-shoe husbands.
  • Some are weekend wives – with offshore husbands who come home every week or every month. Some are married to another man’s husband.
  • Some are happily divorced. Some are miserably divorced. Some are living separate lives with their husbands.
  • Some are still tomboys – some are straight, some are queer.
  • Some are heart broken and cheated by men. Some are heart breakers and a cheat. Some are a tease.
  • Some are single. Some are single again and looking.
  • Whoops, I have a feeling The Matchmaker will be very busy this year!


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