The good wife’s guide

I recently read an old Good Housekeeping article (1955). I thought it’s rather hilarious. Scroll down to read.

Hehehe…I can’t imagine doing all those things to be the “good wife” as recommended. Especially that parts when the article says, “don’t ask him questions about his action or question his judgement, you have no right to question him and “let him talk first, listen to him, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.” 

Not to mention, “a good wife always knows her place!” part of the article where my jaw literally dropped for a few seconds 🙂

Perhaps that was why marriages last a life time back in those days when men can keep their ego because women’s main purpose in life was to please their men. Hahaha come to think of that, I was guilty of the same crime when I was still married.

I’m not saying that life as a single is necessarily happier, but at least I’m my own master, and I don’t have to be a slave to anyone. I know this now – that I matter the most in my life. Not anyone else, no matter how much I love or admire him. When I remarry one day, my marriage would be a value creation strategy for two people who has decided to grow together by sharing a life.  It means, he adds value to my life and I will do the same for him.  It will a be a win-win partnership.

He will be my significant other, but it doesn’t mean that he’s more significant than I am in this relationship. I’d like someone who treats me as his equal. Afterall I’d be his other half. How can it be “half” if I’m less than half, right?

Hey, girls, this what I found :


Okay, okay, girls, when you have stopped rolling on the floor laughing long enough to pick up yourselves, do share this with your girlfriends, sisters and liberated boyfriends (and husbands)!


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2 responses to “The good wife’s guide

  • Ash

    Oh man Nel… This is bloody hilarious! Ha ha ha ha. But seriously, a lot of men expect women to be “superwomen” – the traditional wifey at home but to bring in a whole lot of dough to help it him out too. So, how?

  • penglipurlara

    Hahaha Ash, the men can dream on lah like that, we women also want “supermen” but we’re smart enuf to know they don’t exist for real! Just like Santa Claus, kena tipu jer hidup2 heh heh…

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