Connectivity, connection…

Before I went to America to do my undergraduate study more than ten years ago, I used to think that Malaysians were very lazy. [People, don’t get me wrong, not that I wasn’t patriotic, but then this was what I thought back then. Well at least I am honest about what I thought eh?].  

But then, when I was a student and working doing a short stint doing hotel sales in America’s Silicon Valley, I thought that Americans are also a lazy bunch, it’s not just Malaysians.  They didn’t want to work over time and during weekends. So most of the time, me and my Asian colleagues grabbed the opportunity to make extra money. 

[Ahhh! Now I understand why, it’s called getting some quality of life because we Asians are just workaholic and so kiasu]. 

I guess, now, not in America and in advanced countries alone, laziness or malas is becoming part of our global pop culture. Malas is becoming as Malaysian as nasi lemak as laziness is becoming as American to apple pie and other parts of the world.  So, I guess laziness or malas is now a global phenomenon, eh?Why are people all over the world becoming lazier and lazier?

Me thinks, don’t just blame it on technology and the ability to afford it.  Blame it on people’s attitude towards technology.

You see, I’m not against technology, I’m just challenged by it at times. Haha I’m still figuring out how to make full use of that Nokia Dopod Smartphone I just bought the other day because someone stole my rather ancient but user friendly Nokia 6030 while I was shopping at The Mall. 

I remember, when I was young, I have to walk over to my TV box every time I want to change the channel.  Nowadays, we can’t even switch TV stations without a remote control.  Perhaps they still can in remote places where old TV boxes are still around and not creatively turned into aquariums already.  Hehehe that was what my late grandma did to her old TV set.  But then again, today we have over 60 channels.  Imagine the calories burned as we surf the channels.  I probably don’t even have to go to the gym and hire a personal trainer to get rid of my fat! 


I remember, when I was young, I played polis sentry, galah panjang, batu seremban, monopoly and scrabble with other kids in my neighborhood.  We fought sometimes, but we socialized. Kids today don’t socialize as much, and they hardly come out and play with each other.  Rather, they spend more time online with each other than playing with each other.   

Even adults don’t socialize as much as they did now, and when they do it’s for strategic reasons. I probably belong in a high affiliation motive group – haha a dying breed indeed – who socialise for the sake of socialising, make friends for the sake of making friends because it makes us really happy.   Hehe reality check, do you really know your neighbors? 

In fact, not many people like to go out nowadays simply because they don’t have to leave their houses to buy clothes, jewelry and even groceries and newspapers.  Just surf the internet and it will be delivered to your doorstep.  In the end, they spend more time surfing the internet than exercising.  I think many of my chatters friends can plead guilty of this crime.   Moral of the story? No doubt, technology improves connectivity between people across the globe. But what is happening now is that  people don’t connect as much as they did back then anymore.  I think, technology is influencing people’s attitude towards life and quality of life.  Everything is in the name of convenience.  Convenience is like that thick fat icing on your birthday cake. It certainly looks appetizing and it tastes good alright, but it is really bad for your health in the long run. 


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One response to “Connectivity, connection…

  • Auntie Ainon

    Assalamualaikum. Hmmm. I think life is a personal choice. Can’t blame on technology or human frailties. You are what you choose to be.

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