When sailing in rough seas…

A friend and colleague, who is leaving the organisation, has allowed me to share what she wrote to her friends including me. It’s called, “when sailing in rough seas…”   

An interesting read – a lot of answers begging for questions.  I thought it was very touching and meaningful, especially at a time when my weary soul is hungry for some good words of wisdom.   

It could be that I am sailing in rough seas. But as long as I am the captain of my own life, I’ll be in good hands. For a free man or woman must not let another decide for his or her life, nor can he or she blame others for his or her life or the lack of it 🙂



 When sailing in rough seas… 


In retrospective, when I look back upon time and plans that I have made for both my personal and professional outlook, more often than not, the blueprints I had might not have been executed as originally planned. Some decisions were made to please loved ones, some were made because it felt like the right thing to do, only a few sparing ones were made, because as I age, I developed the courage to strike decisions that fell within my principles and beliefs.  

Then again, because, in our everyday life, we are put before choices, and trial and tribulations are plots of the theatrical play we live in, how definite are we that the choices we make in life are indeed accurate? What was the yardstick we referred to? What was the endorsement of that wise decision, we thought it was? Was it the school textbooks, childhood brainwashing we received from our parents and teachers, newspaper articles written by journalists who earn their living by churning out pieces or by our own values we acquired as we trot and fall along the different paths in the journey called life ? 

When confronted with disappointments and deceptions, how many of us can actually accept the way things diverted from the original plans and be positive about what the future reserves? Or do most of us get flustered and frustrated as a first knee-jerk reaction, get hit by the adrenaline rush and condone ourselves to the downfall and next,  try to justify ourselves by blaming others? 

Is life an emergency ? If it is not, why do most of us treat it that way ? Why are we so afraid of taking risks ? Why do we let ourselves be governed by the way people think of us and why do we confine ourselves to a set of rules and regulations that will be bent, anyway? Why are we so terrified of stepping out of our comfort zones, and have faith in new possibilities and fate ? Will we be able to life live as intensely as we should and be guaranteed of a healthy balance sheet at the end of our existence ? Will we ever get the projected ROI we thought so rightfully of ? 

Do we really think that the busier we are, the more important we will be in the eyes of the world ? Do we equate our level of devotion to work to the number of emails we get in our inbox or by the number of appointments that have been lined up by the secretary ? Do we measure our success by the position we hold or by the stashes we keep for our children’s education, so we say? By doing so, most of us deem that we are on the right track, and definitely in line with our parents’ KPI, therefore we all follow the trail of the road well traveled. How sure are we that we will live through our lives and enjoy the wealth we have gained, even if sometimes, along the way, we had to compromise our values and ethics? Against all odds, we all know for a fact that everything that begins must end – all that lives will perish when it has done its full circle. 

When a calamity blows its way to us, maybe we should resist the desire to go against the tide, get defensive, state our case and stand our ground, to proof our point. Maybe it would be better to surrender and accept the fact that perhaps in every cloud, there is a silver lining that awaits us.  

Like the flowing river, the world will keep evolving, with or without us in it. Not many know that the sun rises from the darkest hour of the night, then only, it continues to begin a new day of a clear, blue sky.  

The movements have been set this way, like on an automatic pilot mode, by the Divine Powers above us. As humans, we could only wish and work toward a tomorrow which we hope to be a better day than today. Some do it through prayers, some are just lucky enough to be blessed with loads of them and some might not even smell the luck they have been yearning for till their last breath. 

Bottom-line is that there’s only so much planning and wish list that we could draw. As subjects of God, the Almighty, our role as crafters are only to determine, so stop blaming the weather when you are sailing a yacht in a rough sea and start living your life as if tomorrow would never come. 

After all, life is short, but most importantly, life is temporary. Amen 





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2 responses to “When sailing in rough seas…

  • sayalah

    yes life is short…tapi kita punya akal dan minda yang baik yang telah di kurniakan oleh allah sebaik mungkin.
    to me life memang mencabar, kalau tak ada cabaran ini hidup ini akan hambar dan tiada lah kita dapat mengindahkan warna warna kehidupan kita dengan penuh kesyukuran.
    dengan life circle ini…dan perjalanan hidup yang telah kita lalui..dari mula kita melangkah ke dunia sebagai bayi..anak anak kecil …murid sekolah rendah..dalam alam puberty…alam remaja ..terus alam dewasa..
    tidakkah anda duduk sejenak..dan terpk..apa tujuan kita untuk hidup..
    setiap perjalanan hidup ada hikmah nya dan ada jalan cerita yang kita sendiri jadi penulis skrip nya..pelakonnya..dan pengarah nya…
    oleh itu dengan sedikit waktu ini..sayangi lah diri kita sendiri..dan bersyukur lah apa yang ada.
    dan gunalah akal sebaik mungkin dan bukan kerana nafsu..
    seperti kata grandma saya…

  • Gunghojack

    As I reflect, I simply think that we determine the quality of our lifes experience. What is the level of experience that we are willing to enjoy—.far too many think of whats out of their control, and left to perhaps divine or external forces. Whilst I accept the will of god is all pervading…I am reminded of the fact that MAN proposes….it is our duty to kick and fight …at all times….and the balance is in his hands hmmm, wonder if I am making sence 😛

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