Monogamy becoming irrelevant?

I finished reading a Malay novel called Pasrah Kasih  by Malaysian author Mazia Harris. One of the stories in the book is about a school teacher whose husband married an Indonesian GRO secretly, to rescue her from her predicament [sounds very much like my ex-husband who  was on a similar rescue misison saving a damsel in distress, so I think men just love the idea of being a hero eh].  

As a solution in easing up his pregnant first wife’s housework burden,  he brought the newly married second wife to live with them as their live-in domestic helper. The first wife only discovered it after reading her husband’s confession letter.  He made her promise to read the letter after she arrives at the holy land for her umrah pilgrimage. 

She was beyond upset at first and asked for Allah’s guidance.  She then met four people at the holy land who changed her paradigm of polygamy – a specialist doctor travelling with his  first wife who is a professor, his second wife who is a medical doctor and their son who is studying in Madinah.  She was touched by the second’s wife’s love and concern for the first wife when she fainted after doing her tawaf, and remembered how well her domestic helper had been taking care of her and her children. [Ehem, not to mention the husband of course, what a lucky bastard eh?]. 

On that note…

An article in a men’s magazine Esquire notes that the average life expectancy of men in 1900 was 47 years, but by 2000, that figure had risen to 77 years.  That’s not all, the author, Chuck Klosterman quotes American sex experts as saying that monogamy just cannot compete with the modern lifespan as human beings are now living too long to realistically stay with just one partner for a lifetime.  He also indicated, with the rise in life expectancy, monogamy will become more and more irrelevant in years to come.

Interesting fact that will make half the population of men in Malaysia very happy indeed.  However, I think more efforts should be made on improving the quality of life than the quantity of life. 

Don’t you think so?


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