Love after math

To be or not to be? The question is: Love who you married or marry who you love? Get who you want or love who you get? 

Perhaps not wanting who they get is why many marriages break up. Because love is blind and marriage is the eye opener, many couples only realised the person they had married was not the same person they thought they knew.  Isn’t that a scary thought? 

It has been said that a man marry, hoping the woman he married will not change. A woman, au contraire, marry in the hope the man they married will change.  

A-ha, great expectations, indeed!  Oopps correction. Get your expectations right, do your math.  The answer lies in the right equation, so do your algebra right.  Getting who you want, and wanting who you get are two different things. Wanting who you get is love after doing your math. Otherwise, it would be a love aftermath 🙂 

Probably why I’ve had many love aftermaths before this, huh. If I had been good at my math, I wouldn’t have to put up with some idiots and jerks.  But then again, my mistakes are my learning experience. With or without regrets, I have indeed learned valuable lessons in life.   A friend told me, a smart person learns from his or her mistakes, but a wise person learns from other people to avoid making such mistakes.  

Learning Curve: I think I should look for someone I already like as he is, someone who I don’t want to change.  I’d have a better chance at wanting who I get.


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