Histories, herstories

I watched 300 last night. For those who don’t know – this bloody movie retells the story of The Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the Persians in the Persian WarIt’s recipe: a dash of love story and a heapful of heroisms no earthly man could achieve.

Awesome, Spartan King Leonidas’ 300 soldiers, managed to kill thousands of enemies before falling to their “beautiful deaths” as described by one of the soldiers.  Perhaps, it is true when legends has it that the Spartan Kings were believed to be direct descendants of Heracles or Hercules. 

One of the bloodiest movies I’ve seen but definitely a must-watch movie on my list, if you can stand watching the bloodbath while eating popcorn that is.  Oh well, just take the lessons from the movie, ignore the bloody scenes and take a lot of the events with a grain of salt.

 If you want to understand more about the events, don’t forget to indulge in the ancient historian Herodutus writings on the war, called The Histories 

Yeah, yeah, his stories indeed, what about writing The Herstories too?


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